Volvo Showcased Heavy Duty Innovations at Mining Indonesia 2019

Volvo showcased the design and performance excellence of the Volvo R100E rigid hauler, Volvo EC300D excavator, Volvo L120 wheel loader and the Volvo FMX and Volvo FH trucks at the Mining Indonesia exhibition in Jakarta in September under the theme “Driving prosperity in Indonesia”.

Presenting for the first time to the public, the Volvo R100E rigid hauler was hard to miss at Mining Indonesia. With a payload of 95,000 kg, the R100E is powered by a premium engine, achieving high performance, even at low engine speeds. In addition, long service intervals and efficient fuel use mean exceptionally low operating costs. The R100E’s performance and fuel efficiency are enhanced by its integrated shift pattern, which includes two transmission shift schedules — Power and Economy.

In addition to the R100E, FMX 400 trucks, 64R and FH610 trucks, Volvo´s outdoor display comprised of six product lineup in total – including the efficient EC300D 30-ton excavator, L120Gz wheel loader, Volvo FMX 440 66R for support and special purposes in both mining and oil and gas sectors.

R100E – Move More, Earn More

Offering a true 100t/95-tonne payload, the R100E allows operators to meet production targets faster. Built to perform, the R100E is powered by the premium 783 kW (1,075 hp) engine. The combined drivetrain delivers high torque capabilities, unparalleled pulling performance and class-leading rimpull, for optimum traction. Drivetrain control and machine moment are supplied by the new Volvo Dynamic Shift Control, which automatically tailors the transmission shift-points depending on the worksite and operational inputs.

The R100E is built for all surface mining and quarrying applications, where operational costs are critical. Customers can expect to spend less per haul with the R100E, featuring a 60.4 m3 capacity V-shaped body for optimum load retention and minimal material carry-back. The industry-recognized load profile policy enables the operator to meet a consistent average target payload (95t), while the speedy body-tipping system ensures fast cycle times for an all-round efficient performance.

EC300D – Powerful Performance with Fuel Efficiency

The EC300D features increased power and digging force to deliver faster cycle times. Designed to work in the quarry, road construction, site preparation or almost any other application, the EC300D delivers high performance from its powerful D7 engine. With proven technology the machine offers customers a 7% – 10% increase in fuel efficiency compared to the previous model.

L120Gz – Loaded with Productivity

The new L120Gz is the largest of the G-series machines, it provides the power, strength and reliability to maximize productivity and profitability. With load-sensing hydraulics and a powerful, durable Z-bar linkage, the L120Gz provides high breakout forces for strong, powerful digging and complete bucket fill of the hardest of materials. Its fully automatic Power Shift ensures optimal operation by adjusting machine gears in line with parameters including engine and travel speed, for comfortable gear changes and fast cycle times. Oil-cooled, wet disc brakes on the front and rear axles deliver superior breaking performance for smooth control and a long service life.

Key program highlights

Hosting Volvo’s joint media conference, Edouard Savelli, VP and head of Volvo CE Indonesia comments, “We have a longstanding dedication to innovation, taking the knowledge built from decades of research and bringing to Indonesia products that are clean, productive and will help to drive prosperity in Indonesia.