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Cost Matching Revenue
Guarantee Machine Availability (MA)
Reduce Self Investment
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Higher Machine Utilization
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Higher Machine Utilization



(Component Rebuild Center)
ITU Component rebuild center is the solution to extend your Volvo Construction Equipment machine lifetime by replacing the major component with Comex product. Comex product is component remanufactured like new one with lower price and covered with brand new component warranty. In ITU CRC, Component is re-manufactured with Volvo construction equipment standart. To ensure product quality, engine is tested with Dyno test bench.
Component product : Engine, Transmission, Gearbox, Final Drive, Hub Brake.

To support the customer operation, ITU operate two CRC facility located at Palembang and Balikpapan which cover all major component production. ITU also operate Component Rebuild support in Banjarmasin and Manado to produced drive train component.

CRC Facility


(Volvo Certified Rebuild Machine)

Extend the life of your Volvo

Why replace when you can rebuild? Give your hardworking equipment the makeover it deserves while protecting your finances and the environment. By restoring your existing asset, Volvo Certified Rebuild Program optimizes your budget and the long-term value of your investment. Rediscover the strength, durability and power built-in to your Volvo machine.
  • Capital Efficiency

    Capital efficiency and borrowing capacity increment.

  • Warranty

    A warranty for 8000 HM or 2 Years.

  • Customers Retain

    Customers retain ownership of the unit.

  • Initial Cash Flow

    Minimizing initial cash flow requirement.

  • Comparison

    The economical total cost of ownership in comparison to a new unit purchase

  • Maintenance

    Low maintenance cost.

  • Lower Monthly Payment

    A lower monthly payment compared to a new unit purchase or rent


To ensure the engine quality produced by ITU Component Rebuild center, ITU invest the dyno test bench facility on the component rebuild center facility.

ITU component rebuild center Palembang equipped with 1000 Hp dyno test which able to cover the engine testing : excavator up to EC950B, articulated up to A60H.

ITU componnet rebuild center Balikpapan on progress construction which will be equipped with 1500 HP engine test bench facility. The test bench facility will cover engine Rigid truck up to Volvo R100.