The Indotrucks Spirit and Expo 2023, or INSPIRE 2023, were successfully held in Borobudur from September 11 to 12, 2023. INSPIRE is the largest annual event organized by PT Indotruck Utama. The event spanned two days filled with various activities. On the first day, the program began with anexhibition of PT Indotruck Utama’s flagship products, aimed at introducing a variety of the latest product lines to customers and business partners. In the evening, a luxurious dinner was hosted at Marga Utama Borobudur, adding an element of opulence to the event.

The second day of INSPIRE 2023 was marked by a Fun Day offering various exciting activities. Some of these included the Golf Competition and VW ATV Tour, allowing customers and business partners of PT Indotruck Utama to participate in enjoyable competitions. The event was designed to strengthen the strong relationship between PT Indotruck Utama and its loyal customers. Furthermore, INSPIRE 2023 also served as a special occasion to celebrate 35 years of PT Indotruck Utama’s successful journey in the distribution of Volvo and SDLG trucks and heavy equipment in Indonesia.

During INSPIRE, PT Indotruck Utama presented special awards to some of their best customers. Award categories included various aspects such as good cooperation and support for mutual business growth. The event also featured a significant Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) moment, where PT Indotruck Utama donated two electric motorbikes to Babinsa Borobudur Subdistrict as a sign of their social responsibility to the local community. INSPIRE 2023 successfully became a prestigious event that strengthened the relationship between PT Indotruck Utama and its customers and business partners.