Established in 1988, PT Indotruck Utama has been internationally known as one of the top suppliers for trucks and heavy equipment in Indonesia. PT Indotruck Utama offers reliable and high quality ranges of products in Volvo construction equipment, Volvo trucks, Volvo buses and SDLG construction equipment.

Established in June 1988 as Volvo trucks distributer for all of Indonesia, Excluding Kalimantan

Appointed as Volvo construction equipment’s dealer for Sumatra, Java, Bali, Nusa, Tenggara and Papua area.

Appointed as sole dealer of Volvo construction equipment in Indonesia.

We treat customers as business partners and are always proactive to understand their needs. We work with integrity and responsibility to build customer loyalty.

We are committed to deliver the most superior products and services to customers. We passionately pursue the highest standard.

We always look for innovative ways to provide solutions and help our customers. We create value through new ideas, seek new ways to do things and challenge to achieve breakthroughs.

Time is money! Our philosophy is to execute the working process safely and efficiently in the most timely manner. We understand that we are working in a very competitive environment where speed is noteworthy.

We must recognise the constant need to always “sharpen the tools”, continually learning for higher competences to enhance our performance, efficiency and productivity.


PT Indotruck Utama is committed to provide world-class after sales services to our customers in any operational sector such as like mining, forestry, agriculture, oil & gas distribution, and many other industries. We have invested a great deal of our time and effort to satisfy our customers by obtaining optimum availability and productivity that will maximize the Return on Investment of the equipments.

More than 1500 sqm workshop facitilites completed with CRC Facilities, 21+ product lines and +540 units production capacity

Parts Sales Point
-+24 Cons / VHS
– +12800 Line Items
– Parts Value +300 BIDR
+45.000 Lines Items

Extensive service points all over
Indonesia with +250 Skill Mechanic
ready to serve our customer with
24×7 on call service

Service Contract
-Full Maintenance Contract
-Full Maintenance Service
-Service Personnel Contract
-Service Maintenance Contract

Employees are our most important and valuable asset. Together with our Principal, we have developed a comprehensive man power competence development program for all personnels within the company.

More than 76 training modules per Year (Technical, Operator & Maintenance). Field Trainer for Operator & Technical) . Training Capacity for 688 trainees per year (Technical, Operator & Maintenance).